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February 2016 Archives

Debt settlement could improve the lives of children

When an Arkansas family is struggling under a heavy burden of debt, stress levels will rise. Increased stress can bring on tension between spouses and can make it difficult to enjoy life. What many parents fail to understand is the impact that serious debt can have on their children. A recent study looked at the issue, and the results may lead some families to give debt settlement or bankruptcy serious consideration.

Many senior citizens require discharge of debts

Many people envision their retirement as a time to step away from the demands of their career and refocus their energies on more personally fulfilling goals, such as family, hobbies and travel. For some Arkansas residents, retirement looks nothing like this ideal, and is defined by financial turmoil. In such cases, taking proactive steps to bring about the discharge of debts is the only way to regain a strong financial foundation and find peace in one's later years.

Student loan debt can lead some to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Many American families still consider a college education to be an essential component to becoming an adult. In fact, some students are willing to go into serious debt to achieve a college degree, and believe that they will have improved job prospects once they have that piece of paper in their hands. In reality, however, the job market is not always as lucrative as many believe, and quite a few college graduates in Arkansas and elsewhere are faced with unmanageable debt. While bankruptcy can offer relief, many people try many other debt relief options before turning to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Choosing between medical debt negotiation and bankruptcy

After a serious illness or injury, many Arkansas residents are left with a lasting reminder of that experience. While some will have scars or lingering physical reminders, many more will face staggering volumes of medical debt. When considering how to address a mountain of medical bills, consumers have a few choices. They can try to negotiate lower rates that would make repayment a possibility, or they can choose to move toward personal bankruptcy.

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