Being overburdened with high levels of debt is a serious issue for many Arkansas residents. This can be especially difficult for young adults who have emerged from college with excessive student loan debt. Moving through one’s 20s and 30s while struggling to pay down debt can be a challenge, and many people postpone making other significant life choices while they turn their attention to debt management. For many, there are few things they would not do to achieve the discharge of debts, including selling a vital organ.

A recent survey asked 200 participants with a median age of 32 asked a series of “Would you rather” questions related to student loan debt. For example, one question asked if the respondent would consider signing up for active duty in the military. Another question asked if taking a drug that had not been FDA approved would be something they might consider if all of their student loans were discharged as a result. Surprisingly, approximately 30 percent of survey participants stated that they would be willing to sell an organ if doing so would eliminate their student loans.

While this may seem shocking to some, moving beyond high levels of debt is a priority for many people within the Millennial generation. In fact, many will put off getting married, buying a home or having children until they are able to pay down most of their financial obligations. When looking at the available options, many are drawn to solutions that offer a fast path to debt relief, versus struggling to repay debt over many years.

For those in Arkansas who feel as though debt relief might be worth living with only one kidney, it may be time to reconsider the available options. Filing for personal bankruptcy is one way to attain a discharge of debts and start with a clean slate. While bankruptcy will not lead to the discharge of student loans under current laws, the elimination of other forms of debt can make paying off loan balances far easier to manage.

Source: Forbes, “Desperate And In Debt: 30% Of Millennials Would Sell An Organ To Get Rid Of Student Loans“, Maggie McGrath, Sept. 9, 2015