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August 2015 Archives

Program could impact student loans and personal bankruptcy

A great many college students emerge from school with a shiny new degree and an equally impressive burden of student loan debt. For some, paying back that debt will pose a problem, as the job market fails to yield sufficient income to cover both the cost of living and debt service payments. To make matters worse, many students leaned heavily on loans and credit cards to get through their college years, and have a pile of consumer debt that also must be addressed. Some Arkansas residents will consider personal bankruptcy as a way to gain the breathing room necessary to move forward.

Don't let personal bankruptcy derail your business

Many business owners go through periods of financial distress, and most are concerned with how the state of their personal finances could affect their business. For some in Arkansas, personal bankruptcy offers a path out of debt and back toward stability. It is important that business owners take precautions to keep their personal finances from influencing the success of their business ventures.

Popular HGTV stars seek bankruptcy protection

Arkansas readers may be familiar with the HGTV hit "Kitchen Cousins." The show features renovation projects completed by two contractor cousins, who are also a part of several other HGTV productions. The men are currently in the news after they have both sought bankruptcy protection in the wake a of a civil judgment against them.

Bankruptcy may be a safer path than debt relief services

Many Arkansas residents know the feeling that comes when the realization hits that there is simply not enough coming in to make one's monthly financial obligations. Often this realization comes over time, as consumers are able to juggle payments and use credit cards or cash advances to get by. Before long, however, it becomes apparent that no amount of shuffling will suffice to solve the problem, and consumers begin to consider their options for debt relief, including bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy should never be viewed as a mark of failure

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding personal bankruptcy is that the move represents a mark of failure on the part of the filing party. Bankruptcy is better understood as a tool that can give individuals a chance to reorganize their financial lives. Not only is it not a sign of failure, it is in fact an incredibly savvy financial move, one that many successful individuals have taken advantage of over the years, in Arkansas and across the nation.

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