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May 2014 Archives

Mother's hospital bill leaves farmworker drowning in debt

Everyone encounters unexpected expenses once in a while. Things break, you need to miss work or you suffer a bereavement, just to name a few. The costs add up, but many people try to put a little aside just in case. But what if you can't afford to save? Or what if the expense is so great that you worry you might never pay it off? Throughout Arkansas, more people than you might think suffer from bad credit, debt problems and other financial worries.

American credit card debt may be on the decline

Credit cards can be extremely useful at times, allowing users to delay paying for something a little longer. However, without due care being taken, debts can soon mount up. Throughout Arkansas, many people have multiple credit cards, gradually accruing interest. Unfortunately, if this debt gets out of hand and payments are missed, it can result in a credit card lawsuit and permanent damage to your credit rating.

Engineering firm in Chapter 7 liquidation

As many people in Arkansas will know, no matter how carefully you plan for the future, sometimes things just go wrong. Anyone can fall into debt, given a little misfortune; the important thing is what you do next. One option is to file for bankruptcy and start afresh. Although there is a certain stigma attached to this process in the eyes of some, it can be a highly effective way of dealing with your debt problems.

Many Arkansas homes in foreclosure may now be above water

In the past few years, terms have come into common use that were uncommon before. Included among them would be "shovel-ready" -- used to describe government infrastructure projects just waiting for stimulus funds to be approved. Another might be "zombie" anything -- zombie mortgages, zombie foreclosures. Yet one more was "underwater homes."

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