Keeping your debt under control is likely one of the top priorities on your list. While it is possible for you to watch your spending, there are some instances in which unauthorized transactions can occur on your credit card. Arkansas residents might need to keep a close eye on their credit card bills and bank accounts if they shopped at Target between Nov. 22 through Dec. 15 of this year.

Target announced that a breach in their credit card system may have exposed the credit card information for shoppers during that period. It is estimated that some 40 million customers had their information stolen.

One Arkansas bank, Centennial Bank, says customers have already started reporting fraudulent activity on their cards. The Vice President of the Jonesboro branch is reminding customers to check their account transaction history through any of the available methods. He is also advising customers to cancel cards that were used at Target during the breach period.

Target has reported that no cause is known for the security breach yet. Anyone who finds suspicious activity on a credit or debit card should call the bank or Target to report the fraudulent activity.

For some people, unauthorized transactions are a life-changing event because the charges can sometimes take time to be removed from the account. For people who are in dire financial positions, such as those who have filed bankruptcy, breaches like this one can often mean bills going unpaid or obligations being unmet. If you find yourself in need to help with your debt management plan or need to file bankruptcy, an experienced Pine Bluff bankruptcy attorney can help you determine an appropriate plan of action to get you back on track.

Source: KAIT8, “Jonesboro shoppers fall victim to Target data breach” Will DuPree, Dec. 19, 2013