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May 2013 Archives

Arkansas debt management in the face of cancer

There was a time in Arkansas and much of the rest of the country when polite people didn't utter the word "cancer." If you were among the unfortunate to get such a diagnosis, others would often whisper how you had "the big C." The euphemism tended to be used because, decades ago, a diagnosis of cancer was tantamount to a death sentence. Treatments were often as deadly as the disease, if they existed at all.

Bootstrapping or bankruptcy: What's best path to debt relief?

Carrying debt has come to be an acceptable way of life for a lot of people. It's even seen by many to be an acceptable burden to carry on into retirement. But the number of aging individuals in Arkansas and the rest of the country who are facing that prospect these days is generating a lot of concern among some credit counseling experts.

Arkansas debt relief: Collection by robo-signed claims gets flak

Being in financial difficulty is stressful enough as it is. Despite the legitimate avenues available to Arkansas residents for recovering some solid financial footing, it can still create undue feelings of anxiety. And what can make it worse is if, after debt relief efforts have been pursued, whether through bankruptcy or other means, collectors return apparently seeking more.

Appellate bankruptcy case ruling invites Supreme Court weigh-in

Debt forgiveness as a social concept is something that can be traced a long way back in history. In the Bible, the Old Testament highlights the Year of Jubilee as one that occurs about every 49 years and which requires that creditors release all debtors from their obligations.

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