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Some creditors will stop at nothing when it comes to recovering debt. When they go as far as taking money directly from your hard-earned paychecks, it can be extremely frustrating, not to mention financially burdensome.

If your wages are being garnished, it is important to know that you have rights. You do not have to sit back and let creditors take the wages you need to provide for your family’s most basic needs. At the Havner Law Firm, we have more than 25 years of experience representing clients facing matters of wage garnishment. We will work to provide more suitable options, allowing you to repay your debt at your own pace, and without the unnecessary meddling of creditors.

Skilled Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control put us in situations where keeping up with bills becomes unmanageable. Credit card debt and medical debt are two of the biggest issues that Americans are facing today. At the Havner Law Firm, we know that more than anything, you desire a fresh financial start for you and your family.

Bankruptcy can be an effective solution for those who wish to fight back against their creditors. Filing bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to your existing wage garnishments, and it will also put on hold any creditors’ lawsuits that are currently pending against you.

The Hope You Need

Let us help you put a stop to wage garnishment. Through bankruptcy, we can help you regain control of your finances, and move toward the fresh start you need. Our talented attorney has been helping clients for more than two decades. His dedication is second to none. We will stop at nothing to ensure you secure a path toward financial freedom.

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