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Facing Foreclosure? You Have Options.

In today’s uncertain times, people are finding it harder and harder to keep up with their financial commitments. This is especially true for homeowners who purchased their homes at a time when they thought the real estate market was in prime condition for buyers. Unfortunately, with the continuing decrease in the housing market, many hardworking Americans are finding themselves in a position where home foreclosure is imminent.

Are you fighting foreclosure proceedings on your home? Contact the Havner Law Firm to speak with our skilled foreclosure attorney about your options.

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At the Havner Law Firm, we help individuals throughout all of Arkansas to successfully navigate their financial issues. Focusing on bankruptcy, we work endlessly to attain effective solutions for clients facing foreclosure.

Like many of our clients, you probably thought foreclosure could never happen to you. However, in today’s economy, foreclosure is a very prevalent issue. People with stable jobs who have never missed a mortgage payment are now finding themselves unemployed and in arrears through no fault of their own. Although you may think you have exhausted every option there is to put a stop on your home’s foreclosure, bankruptcy may be the option you have been searching for.

Experienced Foreclosure Attorney

When you file bankruptcy, there is an automatic “stay” or “stop” to the foreclosure proceedings you are facing. If you qualify, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a way for you to save your home. If you don’t qualify for Chapter 13, but you do qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your foreclosure could be delayed for several months, giving you the opportunity to try and get your finances in order.

Foreclosure prevention can be complex. To ensure you and your home are given the most protection, it is best to seek the guidance and advice of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. To find out if bankruptcy could benefit your situation, call 800-405-9004, or contact us online to speak with a Pine Bluff stop foreclosure attorney.

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